20 Questions To Ask Your Chiropractor

Oct 12, 2020 | Chiropractic

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As a patient, being prepared for your appointment with a chiropractor in Providence, Utah is an important part of getting the best care. Knowing the right questions to ask and taking an active role when it comes to your health can help a chiropractor know how best to meet your needs. It can also help empower you to make informed decisions about treatment. 


Here are a few examples—a game of 20 questions, if you will—to use as a guideline for your next chiropractic appointment. 


  1. What are your qualifications/credentials? This can help you ensure you’ve selected a chiropractor with a background and training you can count on. 
  2. Do you provide a free consultation? Most thorough, concerned chiropractors offer a brief consultation for prospective patients prior to scheduling their first appointment.
  3. What treatments or specialties do you practice related to my condition?
  4. How much experience do you have with treating my condition?
  5. How could I personally benefit from chiropractic treatment?
  6. How often should I come in for a chiropractic adjustment?
  7. How long should each appointment/session last?
  8. Should I also seek treatment from other healthcare professionals? 
  9. What is the cost of treatment? Many insurance companies cover chiropractic care, and in case yours doesn’t, choose a chiropractor who provides affordable payment options. 
  10. What other therapies do you offer? Some chiropractic offices also provide a variety of other services, like massage therapy, physical therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and more. 
  11. Do you offer additional resources, like diet and nutrition counseling?
  12. What diagnostic services—such as x-rays—do you provide?
  13. Can you provide me with references and patient testimonials?
  14. Do you treat children? Not all chiropractors do, so it’s important to confirm beforehand.
  15. Are you available for urgent care appointments? This is especially important in case of an unexpected injury or pain flare up.
  16. What are your policies/guarantees? While chiropractors cannot guarantee specific results, one you can trust should assure you of the quality of service they provide and have policies that all employees in the office abide by.
  17. What are wait times like in your office? Some chiropractors offer a no-waiting policy, meaning you’ll be seen as soon as you arrive without having to spend excessive amounts of time in the waiting room. 
  18. Can you teach me ways to treat myself at home between visits and prevent future injuries? 
  19. Can you provide me with scientific evidence or studies related to your recommended treatment plan for my condition?
  20. How soon can I get in for my next appointment?


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As you review the questions listed above, write down any that stand out to you so you’ll be ready ahead of time the next time you have a visit to your chiropractor in Providence, Utah


Our team at Spring Creek Medical Center is here to listen. We look forward to seeing you for your next chiropractic appointment

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