The winter season brings so many fun traditions and activities! However, it can also bring a few aches and pains that threaten to get in the way. 


So, why exactly do many people suffer from back pain flare-ups during winter, and what can be done to prevent or relieve it? 


At Spring Creek Medical Center, we specialize in back pain relief in Logan, Utah. We’re here to help get you back on your feet, free from chronic pain. 


Let’s take a look at some of the most common culprits of cold weather back pain and how it’s possible to find lasting relief.


#1 – Stiff Muscles And Joints


Cold temperatures have a real effect on the body. One of which is less blood flow to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that surround and support the spine. That decrease in blood flow can cause a variety of ailments—including tightening of internal tissues, which can lead to added strain on the spine and nerves. 


#2 – Sports Injuries Or Flare-Ups


Winter sports are one of the things we love most in Cache Valley! They can also cause or trigger the resurfacing of sports injuries. So if you’re hitting the slopes this year or engaging in another favorite winter sport, take extra precautions to avoid injury. Also wear protective braces or wraps on already vulnerable areas of your body. 


#3 – Seasonal Depression


Many individuals suffer from depression that’s triggered by the often cold, dark, winter season. Depression has been linked to fatigue, decreased activity, increased perception of pain, and also chronic back pain. 


#4 – Decreased Activity


Lack of exercise, possibly due to the weather, busy holiday activities, or seasonal depression, can lead to an increase in back pain. This is particularly true if more time is spent sitting, which can lead to tension and stiffness in the back. 


#5 – Barometric Pressure


It’s possible that cold weather, and the associated drop in barometric pressure, can cause inflammation that puts pressure on the joints and can lead to back pain.


Back Pain Relief In Logan, Utah


Whatever the cause of your new or ongoing back pain, our team is here to help.


Take your first step to enjoying a winter season free from back pain, and request your appointment today!

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