6 Reasons To Get A Massage During The Winter

Feb 26, 2020 | General Health, Massage Therapy

Winter takes a toll on the human body unlike any other time of year. And the way your body responds to and recovers from these additional stressors can have a significant impact on your overall health. 


The good news is, massage therapy can help prevent and treat winter ailments like colds, flu, hypothermia, depression, and more. 


While massage in Logan, Utah is beneficial for your health all year round, here are a few reasons why it’s especially important during winter. 


#1 – Improve Blood Circulation


Higher blood pressure and poor blood circulation are real concerns. When temperatures drop, your blood vessels may constrict. This not only makes you feel uncomfortable and chilly, but can also contribute to seasonal aches and pains and even heart attacks. 


So how can massage therapy help? For starters, it stimulates the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout your body. This improved blood flow warms up muscles and can make your body less stiff.


#2 – Boost Your Immune System


You’ve probably noticed you get sick more frequently during the winter months. While cold temperatures can play a part in your body’s immune response, spending more time indoors and not getting enough exercise can also make an impact.


Massage therapy helps stimulate white blood cells and this boost in your immune system helps you better fight off viruses and infections.


#3 – Stay Active


Massage is a therapeutic way to stay active during the winter season. By making massage a part of your workout regimen, your muscles and joints can become more nimble, strong, and energized. 


#4 – Maintain a Healthy Weight


Cold weather combined with more time spent indoors can often negatively impact eating habits. And, as you probably know, the more you eat your favorite treats, the more you crave. 


Massage therapy can boost circulation, metabolism, and help your body maintain a healthy level of nutrient supply. So instead of reaching for that carton of ice cream to bring you comfort, try a massage instead!


#5 – Keeps Skin Moisturized


Cold, dry winter air can quickly deplete your skin of essential moisture. Massage helps by infusing oils and lotions into the skin to keep it nourished and hydrated. This can help stimulate collagen production and improve skin’s elasticity. 


#6 – Promote Mental Health


Feelings of sadness or lack of motivation—often attributed to seasonal depression—is common this time of year. While a variety of resources and treatments may be helpful for each specific person, massage therapy can play a significant part in improving mental health. 


Massage helps reduce stress and anxiety and increase feelings of happiness and relaxation by helping your body release serotonin and endorphins. 


Massage In Logan, Utah 


Be your best self and take control of your health this winter with massage therapy. We look forward to serving you at Spring Creek Medical Center!


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