Boost Your Sexual Performance and Restore Your Intimacy.

Andravive™ therapy is the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease that doesn’t require drugs, surgery, pumps or pills.

What Is Andravive™ Therapy?

Andravive is a safe, non-invasive, drug free treatment for men at any age who want to enhance their sexual performance and experience better erections. Andravive therapy uses patented acoustic wave technology to increase blood flow, break down micro-plaque, form new blood vessels, and increase sensitivity in the penis.

With years of research and over 70 clinical studies, Andravive therapy treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction and provides long lasting results.


How Does Andravive Work?

Andravive therapy uses patented acoustic waves that are delivered into the penile tissue. These acoustic waves break up micro-plaque in the blood vessels that develop overtime while also stimulating the growth of new blood vessels which increases blood flow to the penis. The result, longer and harder erections as well as increased sensitivity and pleasurable sensations.


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Benefits of Andravive Therapy 


  • More Spontaneous Erections
  • Shorter Time Between Orgasms (refractory period)
  • Stronger, Harder Erections That Last Longer
  • Increased Sexual Pleasure
  • Restoration of Natural Curvature of the Penis
  • Treats the Root Cause of Pain

Is Renuvive For Me?

Whether you are suffering from embarrassing erectile dysfunction issues, pain from scar tissue (Peyronie’s disease) or simply just want to boost your sexual performance, Andravive can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Erectile Dysfunction

You’re not alone, over 50% of men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. The majority of ED issues are caused by poor blood flow. Andravive therapy improves blood flow by breaking down micro-plaque and creating new blood vessels, ultimately reversing the symptoms of ED.

Nocturia/Enlarged Prostate

Do you get up multiple times at night to use the bathroom? Andravive is the only all in one solution for ED, Peyronie’s disease, enlarged prostate, and frequent urination (nocturia). You can boost your bedroom performance while getting rid of these other nagging issues at the same time.

Sexual Performance

Just looking to enhance your performance? Even if you haven’t suffered from erectile dysfunction, Andravive therapy can enhance the quality of your erections, reduce refractory time, and increase sexual sensitivity.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by fibrous scar tissue that forms beneath the surface of the penis which can cause pain and irregular curvature. Andravive therapy helps to break up scar tissue to reduce penile curvature and correct any potential erectile dysfunction symptoms.

“I feel like I’m in my 20’s again!”

Justin B.

“In just a few treatments, I’ve had firmer and longer-lasting erections.”

Tyler R.

“I have more confidence in the bedroom and my wife loves it too!”

Mark W.

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