The Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Back Pain Treatment

Mar 23, 2020 | Back Pain, Physical Therapy

When back pain persists for at least two weeks or it frequently reoccurs over time, physical therapy Is often recommended as a helpful treatment. In fact, some spine specialists may prescribe physical therapy over an extended period of time if the pain is considered severe. 


Physical therapy is recommended for back pain treatment for good reason. Generally, the goal is to increase function, decrease pain, and prevent future flair ups thorough education and maintenance. 


Here are some of the benefits physical therapy can provide for back pain sufferers. 


Passive Physical Therapy For Back Pain


This form of physical therapy is considered “passive” because it’s performed on the patient rather than the patient taking an active role. Examples a physical therapist may use include ultrasounds, steroid treatment, heat or cold therapy, and electrotherapy. 


These modalities aim to reduce muscle spasms and inflammation and accelerate the healing of soft tissues.


Active Physical Therapy For Back Pain


As part of the back pain treatment process, patients are instructed on different exercises to help stretch and strengthen the spine. A physical therapist may also recommend different stretches as part of a daily routine at home to help.


Various exercises can also be prescribed to help strengthen and stabilize the muscles. To reduce pain long-term, low-impact aerobic conditioning like walking, swimming, or biking is often helpful.


A trained physical therapist will know the best way to tailor these exercises to meet each individual’s needs. Different exercises are typically prescribed on alternating days of the week at short intervals like 30 minutes at a time. 


Even patients with busy schedules can maintain strength and flexibility while keeping pain at bay. Implementing a back pain regimen of strengthening, stretching, and conditioning prescribed by a trained physical therapist makes all the difference.


Physical Therapy And Back Pain Treatment In Logan, Utah


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