BuzzFeed Asked Its Audience About Their Physical Therapy Experiences

Mar 22, 2019 | Physical Therapy

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Buzzfeed is a leading independent digital media company and delivers news to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Recently, they asked their community an important question: what was going through physical therapy like for you, and what would you say to others who are currently recovering from pain, injuries, surgery or other issues?

The response was affirmative, to say the least.

Physical Therapy Success Stories

Physical therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, and each recovery plan is tailored specifically to an individual patient’s needs. The following experiences are from people who struggled with different things, but they all had one thing in common: physical therapy significantly helped improve their quality of life.

One patient was reluctant to start physical therapy after a knee injury but decided to try it after it was suggested by a doctor in order to delay surgery.

“I didn’t understand why I needed it—I didn’t think it would help—and I wanted to just go straight ahead with surgery. However, I realize how much it helped me. Thanks to physical therapy, I am now able to postpone surgery for at least five years without risking harm.”

Another patient started physical therapy for her chronic bladder condition after a member of her support group mentioned it. She was hesitant and skeptical about physical therapy because the bladder isn’t a muscle. However, she gave in to the suggestion and gave it a try.

“After about two weeks, I started to feel magically better. I continued for about four months. It was HARD work, and sometimes could be pretty painful. But my disease got so, so much better. Today I am off all my daily medications and living an almost normal life. Physical therapy allowed me to live again.”

This individual—a competitive swimmer—dealt with shoulder injuries for most of his high school and college career. After undergoing physical therapy for several years, surgery was inevitably needed. Immobilized, in a sling, and unable to lift even one pound of weight, he underwent physical therapy again to help him recover.

“As I progressed, the doctors thought my chances of swimming were dwindling. I’m no quitter, so I worked as hard as possible to change the odds. Currently, I’m joining the Navy as a rescue swimmer and plan on saving as many lives as I can with my fully functioning shoulder. Listen to your physical therapist. Trust them. Don’t let the “odds” get to your head because your mind is going to be what makes or breaks you.”

This female patient was a softball pitcher in college and had to have both shoulders repaired.

“I was told recovery would be 10 to 12 months. This sort of injury is supposed to be career-ending for pitchers, and I had just been drafted to play pro softball that summer. I started physical therapy at home. The first months were grueling. After five months, I was able to swing my arm in a circle again. When I called the PT office to tell them, I could hear them cheering in the background. I cried tears of happiness when, at seven months, I was pitching at the same speed as before my injury.”

At age 22, this patient was in a medical intensive care unit and in a coma following an accident. Eventually, she started physical therapy to begin walking on her own again.

“I dreaded seeing the PT and OT show up, but about a week and a half later, I was walking mostly on my own. I regained the strength to walk after about two weeks in the hospital, and it really gave me a new perspective on life in general. Occupational and physical therapists need more recognition. They work really hard to get some of us back to some sort of norm.”

Another PT patient got a stress fracture in her lower back at age 13. She was told she would never be able to lift heavy objects or participate in the sports she once loved.

“Today, I’m 20 and walk across my college campus every day with a heavy backpack. I teach friends how to swim. I go to spin class once a week. I lift heavy weights in the summer that my doctor said my back would never be able to support. None of these things would be possible without an incredible physical therapist giving me custom exercises and stretching out my hips afterward. I owe her my mobility and my life without pain.”

This patient underwent physical therapy after an MCL/meniscus knee injury.

“I got to the point where I couldn’t bend my knee at all without pain. Sitting and driving was pure torture. At first, I was upset because the exercises were pretty simple, but for me, they seemed almost impossible. The PT staff made all the difference. They definitely didn’t let me slack off, and they congratulated me every time I made it through a rough exercise or session. If you need physical therapy, don’t get down on yourself for needing the help, and definitely, don’t wait. You don’t deserve to be in pain.”

Physical Therapy In Logan, Utah

Each physical therapy journey is unique and has a different plan of care, strategy, and timeframe. But the difference it makes in the lives of so many people is significant and inspiring.

At Spring Creek Medical Center, our goal is to help you have your own physical therapy success story.

Get started with our in-house physical therapist today!

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