Back pain is very common. Find the right treatment for you at Spring Creek Medical Center in Providence, UT

Low Back Pain Treatment: Chiropractic Care

Studies suggest that almost everyone has lower back pain at some point in their lives. Pain is a personal challenge that affects all of us differently. Regardless of the amount of pain, daily activities may could become challenging.

Back pain treatment is customizable to your needs. Our chiropractic treatment options can help you enjoy your day and give you better mobility to accomplish tasks. To talk to one of the professionals at Spring Creek Medical Center call us at (435) 792-9400.

lower back pain
low back pain

In a lot of cases, age is a big factor that also plays into the condition. Aging causes degenerative changes in the spine and unfortunately, these changes can start in our 30’s — or sometimes even younger. Back pain and discomfort can start as early as your 30’s.

The bodies spine degenerates over the years, which causes most to be in greater pain while doing the same tasks they always have done.

low back pain

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

As mentioned above, back pain is different for everyone. It may be sharp or stabbing or it can be dull, achy, or feel like a “charley horse” type cramp. How you feel back pain may be can help us treat your pain. Our chiropractic treatments, offered in Logan and Providence, can help you create solutions to the pain that are far better than fighting through it.

  • Back pain often worsens with bending, lifting, sitting, standing, and/or walking.
  • Pain comes and goes, and it often involves both good and bad days.
  • Sciatica is common with a herniated disk. This includes buttock and leg pain, and numbness, or tingling weakness that goes down to the foot. It is possible to have sciatica without back pain.
  • Your pain may extend from your back into the buttock or outer hip area, but not down the leg.


Regardless of your age or symptoms, if your back pain does not get better within a few weeks, call Spring Creek Medical Center. Our professional staff works as a team of specialists to beat low back pain to give our patients fast effective relief. Get in touch today! (435) 792-9400

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