Improve Mobility And Reduce Pain With Durable Medical Equipment

Oct 31, 2018 | General Health

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Durable medical equipment includes a variety of medical devices, but at the core, all DME serves the same purpose: to aid a patient in the healing process. These devices can help speed up recovery time from a surgery or injury and decrease pain.

Some examples of durable medical equipment—although there are many more—include knee braces, ankle braces, crutches, back support braces, and canes.


Who Can Use Durable Medical Equipment?

A physician or licensed provider can prescribe durable medical equipment for individuals with a certain medical condition or illness. This equipment can be used repeatedly—often in everyday life between physical therapy or other related appointments.

Durable medical equipment provides therapeutic benefits and can help patients do routine things like walking or standing up from a chair. While these movements may seem simple, injury, pain, and old age can significantly decrease a patient’s mobility.

Medicaid and private insurance companies will sometimes cover durable medical equipment if deemed medically necessary. Medicare doesn’t typically cover the cost. This may be a factor for those considering whether or not to use a DME device.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Durable Medical Equipment?

The uses for durable medical equipment are broad and will depend on each specific condition. The following benefits are often seen in patients who use a DME following surgery, a bone fracture, or a ligament or tendon injury.

  • Durable medical equipment helps you stay active by taking the pressure and weight off of joints or injured areas—making movement easier and less painful. This increased movement and exercise help overall health and promote healing.
  • DME devices can immobilize specific joints or other affect areas of the body—preventing them from moving and keeping things in place during the healing process.
  • Durable medical equipment stabilizes joints, keeps areas like the knees straight, and can improve posture.
  • A DME device can limit the range of motion during healing and rehabilitation, preventing secondary injury.
  • For lower-limb conditions caused by injury or post-surgery, DME devices distribute your weight more evenly. This broadened support base reduces the load placed on the uninjured limb and helps you stay balanced.
  • Durable medical equipment enables you to do basic movements like sitting, standing, and walking. Staying upright and moving aids in circulations helps with kidney and lung function and helps prevent calcium loss in the bones or atrophy in the injured area.
  • Durable medical equipment devices like crutches also increase strength in the upper body and abdominal regions.
  • There are many reasons for back pain. If this is a condition you suffer with, a DME brace can support, immobilize, and treat muscles, joints, and skeletal issues. It can also help decrease pressure and strain on the spine when lifting heavy objects, improve posture, elongate the spine, and alleviate pain.
  • In some cases, durable medical equipment can be an alternative to surgery.


Durable Medical Equipment In Logan, Utah

Spring Creek Medical Center specializes in pain management and rehabilitation for patients throughout Cache Valley. Our team of medical professionals can help diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate individuals with a variety of conditions and prescribe any necessary durable medical equipment for a patient’s recovery. We’re here to help you put your best foot forward with increased mobility and better pain management. Request an appointment with Spring Creek Medical Center today!

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