5 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident Injury

Jan 22, 2021 | Car Accident Injuries/Whiplash, Chiropractic, Uncategorized

girl suffering whiplash after a car accident

If you’ve experienced a car accident injury, you know how difficult this can be both physically and emotionally. Given that more than 2.5 million people are injured in car accidents each year, you’re not alone. 


Car accident injuries range from minimal to severe, and in most cases, require professional medical treatment. If you find yourself suffering from whiplash or other car accident related injuries, follow these steps to make sure you get taken care of. 


#1 – Seek professional medical attention. 


In case of a car accident injury, it’s important to consult with your doctor as soon as possible to determine the extent of your injuries. Keep in mind that some injuries like whiplash may not show up immediately or may get more severe over time. 


In many cases, chiropractic treatment and physical therapy can help patients be restored to full health and mobility. 


#2 – Preserve evidence from the scene.


In order to be compensated for injuries related to a car accident, it’s important to gather proof and documentation from the scene. Take photos of your vehicle, the site of the accident, and your injuries. Also keep a record of your medical expenses. 


#3 – Contact your insurance provider. 


Because many insurance providers have policies regarding the time frame for filing claims, it’s important to contact yours as soon as possible. If you’re contacted by the other party’s insurance provider, be sure not to make any statement until you’ve sought legal advice first. 


#4 – File a police report. 


In the case of significant injuries or damage to your vehicle, it’s important to file a report with the police as quickly as possible. This report will help you should you decide to file an insurance claim. 


#5 – Contact an attorney. 


In some cases, it can help to contact an experienced attorney to help with settlement negotiations. 


Chiropractic Treatment And Physical Therapy In Logan, Utah


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