Get Ready For Summer With Physical Therapy For These Common Injuries

May 25, 2022 | General Health, Physical Therapy

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to help your body be prepared for all of the activities the season has to offer! That’s our goal with physical therapy in Logan, Utah—to help you enjoy optimal health and mobility so you can live life to the fullest. 


If you have an old injury, aches, or pains, you know how these can get in the way. We’re here to help you recover, heal property, and make memories with those you love most—and without the chronic pain. 


The first critical step is to consult with a physical therapist in Logan, Utah so you can be properly diagnosed and receive a specially tailored treatment plan for your pain or injury. It’s also vital that you work with your physical therapist to ensure proper form as you rehabilitate and improve your flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. 


Through physical therapy in Logan, Utah, it’s possible to find freedom from pain that might otherwise stop you from enjoying many of the things you love about the summer season. Here are just a few of the common injuries we can treat. 


Common Injuries Physical Therapy Can Treat


  • Back pain. We’ll work with you to help reduce inflammation and strain, strengthen the core, and alleviate back pain. 


  • Shoulder pain. This most commonly occurs through injury or overuse. We’ll work to identify the underlying cause of yours, and offer personalized treatments and exercises. 


  • Knee pain. The first step is to reduce pain and inflammation, then retrain and strengthen the knee to help get you back on your feet. 


  • Foot and ankle pain. Specific exercises can help improve range of motion and reduce pain for a variety of pain-inducing conditions in this area, like a sprain or plantar fasciitis. 


  • Elbow and wrist pain. We aim to reduce pain and swelling and increase strength and flexibility. Some common conditions we treat for elbow and wrist pain are carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. 


Physical Therapy In Logan, Utah


Break free from winter pain and step into the summer season with physical therapy in Logan, Utah! Our team is here to help throughout your journey. 


Request an appointment for physical therapy in Logan, Utah today!

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