If You Spend Hours Sitting Each Day, Massage Therapy Can Help

Aug 18, 2021 | Back Pain, Massage Therapy

In today’s world, people spend more time sitting during the average workday than ever before. Some work from home, some go into an office. Many students are also engaged in virtual learning from home. 


We encourage anyone who spends a few hours or more sitting on a regular day to get up each hour for a brief walk, and to be as active as possible during non-work hours. We also recommend massage therapy in Logan, Utah for those with particular pain or problem areas. 


Massage Therapy To Help With Frequent Sitting 


Those who sit for long periods of time may experience sore muscles or ongoing strain and pain in various areas of the body. You may experience these symptoms if you work in an environment with limited movement, and could benefit from routine massage therapy in Logan, Utah


Some companies even cover these treatments in their health plans, so it could be worth asking if yours would cover a visit to a massage therapist


Massage therapy can help with various areas of the body where we typically see pain or injury in those who sit for extended periods of time. 


Shoulder pain is common in those who sit with a keyboard or screen in front of them. It’s important to ensure your chair is the correct height and has supportive armrests. Most people also carry stress and tension in their shoulders, which is common for those who face increased stressors at work or school. 


The mid or lower back is also a high probability problem area for those who sit for long periods of time. Try to maintain correct posture throughout the day, and invest in a chair that provides good lumbar support. Avoid slouching, and try to get up and stretch often to alleviate discomfort. 


Another problem area we commonly see is the wrists. Carpal tunnel, or inflammation in the wrist, is common for those who sit at a desk and type throughout the day. The wrists are constantly strained in these environments, which can lead to inflammation and chronic pain. 


Massage Therapy In Logan, Utah 


The good news is, Spring Creek Medical Center can help with all of these problem areas and more with routine massage therapy in Logan, Utah


You may not be able to fully change your daily routine, but you can take active steps to put your health and wellbeing first—you deserve it. 


Request an appointment for massage therapy in Logan, Utah today!

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