Knee Treatment As An Alternative To Surgery

Sep 22, 2020 | Chiropractic, Knee Pain

It’s true that chiropractors often treat conditions like back or neck pain. But did you know that the 27 million Americans who receive chiropractic care on an annual basis suffer from a variety of ailments that you might not suspect? 


In fact, depending on your specific condition, a chiropractor may be just what you need for knee pain treatment in Logan, Utah. In many cases, these trained professionals are able to manage or even eliminate knee pain and its core cause. 


What Are The Sources Of Knee Pain? 


The first step in selecting the best treatment for knee pain is understanding its underlying causes. Knee pain may be a result of an intense sports injury or from a more subtle condition like knee cartilage degrading gradually over time, which can lead to arthritis, stiffening, and inflammation in the knee joint. Another cause can be obesity as a heavy load is placed on the knees.


Many doctors resort to one of two options to treat knee pain—surgery and/or prescription medications. However, there are actually many more knee treatments that are less invasive, more natural, and safer for patients who are good candidates, like chiropractic care in Providence, Utah


Chiropractors can help many patients experience decreased pain and improved range of motion without surgery or dependency on prescription drugs. 


Chiropractic Care For Knee Treatment


When you visit a chiropractor for your knee pain, walk them through all of your symptoms and concerns. The chiropractor will complete a thorough medical evaluation and also consider your body as a whole as it relates to your knee health. The reason for this is that often one part of the body—like the knee—can be impacted by other areas, like the spine, hips, or neck. 


Chiropractic care looks at the body in a holistic approach, meaning taking careful consideration about how one part of the body could impact another. For example, many patients may not know their spines are misaligned, which can cause the body to lead to one side, leading to improper hip rotation and knee pain as the joints function at improper angles. 


Other examples could be knee pain as a result of hip joint problems, muscle tightness, or problems with the development of leg muscles. 


A chiropractor will consider all of these factors, and based on the assessment, create a customized treatment plan. Treatment will include solutions for managing your knee pain, making proper adjustment to the musculoskeletal system as needed, reducing inflammation and swelling through techniques like Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), ice packs, heating packs, ultrasound treatment, gently stretching, and strengthening exercises. 


And chiropractors don’t just focus on treating knee pain symptoms. The ultimate goal is to identify the core cause of the pain and restore function to the knee joint. Muscle and joint manipulation, deep tissue treatment, and trigger-point therapy are all effective options for treating the source of knee pain in many cases. 


Knee Treatment In Logan, Utah


If you’re a knee pain sufferer, don’t attempt to adjust or self-treat at home as this can lead to further damage. Trust the chiropractor at Spring Creek Medical Center to perform proper adjustments, relieve your pain, restore mobility, and eliminate knee pain at the source. 


Our goal is to help you get back to a full quality of life as quickly and naturally as possible. We proudly help patients throughout Cache Valley, and look forward to serving you soon!


Request an appointment for chiropractic care with Spring Creek Medical Center today.

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