Oh that feeling of the never-ending January. Winter starts to become a little less fun and a lot more cold. Cabin Fever ensues. How do you break out of Couch-potato-itis and get back to exercising?


Now, you don’t have to be a winter enthusiast to find some enjoyable things to do outdoors. Many people still do a fair amount of hiking in the snow, with or without snowshoes. You don’t have to climb to the top of Everest, but just a half hour’s time with nature will do your mind good and the increased heart rate that comes with it will do your body good.


Let’s talk about some other options!


First – the obvious one – skiing. Studies have shown that both alpine skiing and cross-country skiing give you a great aerobic workout. They’ve even found that cross-country skiing will give you a better full-body workout than a stationary bike. And which one more fun??

winter fitness

Second, a big new trend is fat biking. You’ve seen them – the really thick tires on a bike so that it can go through snow, mud, and over large rocks. While that doesn’t sound appealing on a 5 degree day with wind chill, on a nice 30 degree day, it’s an amazing way to spend an hour or so. Give it a shot!


Third, don’t just send your kids to go sledding, go with them! Not only can you reconquer a childhood fear of dying on an icy slope, but you can also get a lot of exercise walking those tubes and sleds back up the hill! It’s fun fitness! Plus, you’ll be surprised at how warm it feels outside once you trek back up a snowy hill once or twice!


Obviously the hardest part of these activities is going to be getting yourself committed enough to go. Remind yourself that being physically active is the most important aspect of present and future health. Do it for yourself and your loved ones!


And don’t forget to get regular medical checkups. If you ever feel joint pain or that something just seemed misaligned, come in to see our amazing Chiropractor or Physical Therapist!

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