Natural Treatment Options For Shoulder Pain

Jul 15, 2020 | Chiropractic, General Health, Shoulder Pain

Persistent or chronic shoulder pain can significantly interfere with your daily activities and everyday life. The good news is, it’s possible for shoulder pain to go away—particularly with non-invasive, natural treatment options offered at Spring Creek Medical Center


Some Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain


While the shoulder is a complex joint and pain can be the result of many different conditions or injuries, the most common source is ligament damage, muscle strains, or both. Shoulder pain typically results in restricted motion in that area. This makes daily tasks like getting dressed or lifting objects painfully difficult. 


Four muscles surround the shoulder joint and makeup what’s called the rotator cuff. As we age, the ligaments, muscles, and tendons in the rotator cuff may not get adequate blood flow which makes healing slower and less effective. The result can be a greater likelihood of rotator cuff injuries. 


Another cause of shoulder pain can be when the ligament is injured and the muscles tighten to protect the area. The prolonged straining of these muscles can flare up painful trigger points. This can also lead to the need for shoulder pain treatment


Think of trigger points as painful knots that form as muscle tries to compensate for ligament injuries. Even long after an injury heals, trigger points can remain and continue to cause significant pain in the shoulder area. 


Shoulder pain can also be the result of torn ligaments that often occur through whiplash or sports injuries


Osteoarthritis is another common cause of shoulder pain. If your pain is more severe in the morning and comes and goes throughout the day, degenerative arthritis may be to blame. While there’s no cure, pain can be treated and the progress of degeneration can be slowed with shoulder pain treatment


Natural Shoulder Pain Relief


The process to heal torn ligaments and strained shoulder muscles can be challenging, but possible with several holistic, non-invasive approaches. 


 Before surgery or steroid injections, consider options like stretching, physical therapy, trigger point injections, or massage therapy


Stretching and massage can increase circulation to the area and relieve tense muscles or ligaments. Manual manipulation of the shoulder either on your own or with the help of a chiropractor can release tension in tight muscles and increase range of motion. Injections can help promote healing in the area and increase blood flow without the need for prescription pain medication. The goal is to help the body be empowered to heal itself.


Each of these options are safe and effective for many shoulder pain sufferers. If you’re looking to avoid invasive, high-risk options like surgery or opioids, consider a natural shoulder pain treatment approach first at Spring Creek Medical Center. 


Shoulder Pain Treatment In Logan, Utah


You no longer have to settle for living with debilitating shoulder pain. The team at Spring Creek Medical Center can help diagnose the source of your shoulder pain and develop a specialized treatment plan made just for you. 


Request an appointment for natural shoulder pain treatment in Logan, Utah today!

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