9 Ways To Prevent Winter Headaches

Nov 29, 2019 | Headache Treatment

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If you suffer from headaches, you know that winter migraines are no fun. If headaches are getting in the way of your holiday festivities this year, we want you to know that you don’t have to settle for the suffering. 


There’s actually a reason why so many people see a spike in the frequency of their headaches during colder weather. In fact, The Journal of Headache Pain recently released a study that confirmed the correlation between the decrease in temperature and more headaches. But the good news is, there are also effective solutions for keeping those headache triggers at bay! 


Keep Yourself Warm

While this may seem like a no-brainer, the truth is, a lot of people don’t dress appropriately for cold weather. Stress on your body from being too cold can trigger migraines. So be sure to bundle up!


Get Enough Sleep

The time change and decreased sunlight in the winter can significantly upset your sleep patterns. Do your best to establish a consistent sleep schedule. A good amount of quality sleep helps prevent and stop headaches.


Avoid Eating MSG

While it may seem tempting to cozy up with a bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day, be aware of certain canned or prepared foods that contain sodium and MSG. These are common significant migraine triggers. 


Eat Healthy and Often

Avoid skipping meals because it can trigger headaches. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day as well.


Keep Yourself Moving

Exercising regularly can help with both headaches and depression. In fact, a study recently published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness outlines the benefits those suffering from migraines can experience through routine exercise. And the good news is, you don’t have to exercise an excessive amount to enjoy the positive results. Simply going for a walk a few times a week can make a significant difference.


Get Adequate Vitamin D

A recent study published by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Headache Centre confirmed that over 40 percent of people who have chronic migraines were vitamin D deficient. Eat foods like eggs and fish that are rich in vitamin D, and spend time outdoors if it isn’t too cold. 


Use Medication Wisely

If you do use medication for your headaches—both prescription and over the counter—be careful to not overmedicate during winter months. Over medicating can cause migraines that are even worse than the headaches you would get otherwise. Also known as “rebound headaches.”


Stay Hydrated

Dry air can dehydrate you faster during the winter months. Be sure to up your intake of water—especially during the winter. This can flush your system of impurities and also helps keep headaches under control.


Use a Humidifier

Indoor heating systems can make the air significantly drier during the winter and can lead to headaches and other illnesses. Keep a humidifier in your home and aim to keep the humidity level between 35-50 percent.


Headache Treatment in Logan, Utah

If you suffer from winter headaches or migraines, Spring Creek Medical Center can help. We look forward to helping you enjoy a better quality of life this winter season and year round! 


Request an appointment today for headache treatment in Logan, Utah!

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