5 Qualities To Look For When Choosing A Chiropractor

Jul 9, 2020 | Chiropractic, General Health

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Chiropractors are trained in non-invasive, holistic techniques for relieving aches and pains and enhancing a patient’s quality of life. Through spinal and joint manipulations and other treatments, a chiropractor can help alleviate chronic pain and treat a wide variety of conditions throughout the body. 


For these reasons, the growth rate of people seeking the help of a chiropractor has increased significantly. More people are seeking natural alternatives to pain management and healthcare options. Especially in an effort to avoid surgery and the use of prescription pain medication if possible. 


It’s important to find a chiropractor that you can trust. While successful chiropractors have no shortage of patients, the right one will help you feel at ease, prioritized, and heard.


Here are some key characteristics to look for when choosing a chiropractor in Logan, Utah


Excellent Communication Skills


Chiropractors work very closely with their patients, so it’s key to find one with exceptional bedside manner and clear communication skills. 


The goal of a good chiropractor is to ask the right questions and listen in order to understand the specific needs of each patient. This includes medical history, concerns, and goals with treatment. It’s also important for a chiropractor to clearly communicate the techniques and treatments to each patient so they feel comfortable and understand their plan of care. 


The right chiropractor is a committed, patient, empathetic, compassionate person with excellent listening skills and responsiveness to the needs of their patients. 


Thorough Training And Credentials


Put your trust in a professional with chiropractic licensure and extensive training both in the classroom and in the field. Also look for a chiropractor who is committed to continued education and is up to date with the most cutting edge research, technology, and techniques. 


A well-trained chiropractor has extensive knowledge about the spine, nervous system, muscular systems, movement of the body, and proper nutrition. Look for someone who loves to learn and shares their knowledge with clarity and humility.


Strong Core Values


Choose a chiropractor with a strong ethical core. A chiropractor’s values and commitments should be made clear through their everyday administration and communication with patients. 




Choose a chiropractor whose focus is centered on their patients and the betterment of his/her condition, comfort, and quality of life. That includes someone who is solely focused on the ultimate goal of offering the best options for a patient’s specific condition—even if that means suggesting the help of a different type of practitioner or treatment option.


A good chiropractor shows humility and puts the needs of the patient first without a self-serving agenda.


Passionate About Their Profession


Identify a chiropractor who loves what they do and wholeheartedly believes in the results chiropractic care can provide. An exceptional chiropractor is focused on the purpose of helping individuals enjoy a higher quality of life and strives to give their best effort to each patient.


Chiropractor In Logan, Utah 


The team at Spring Creek Medical Center invites you to get to know our chiropractor in Logan, Utah


Dr. Garvert is happy to listen, answer any questions you have, and help determine which treatment approach is right for you. 


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