Summer Travel Tips To Avoid Back Pain

Jun 19, 2018 | Back Pain, General Health

Spring Creek Medical Logan Ut Travel Tips
Summertime is obviously the best time to travel. Specially with so many sights to see in Utah. You don’t have to drive too far to see nature’s beauty. However, there are times when you are required to travel quite a ways to get to your vacation spot. It’s important to be conscience about how your back and neck are feeling. Sitting long hours in your car can wear on your body. Use these tip possibly avoid back and neck pain while you visit your favorite places to ‘vaca’.

Protect Your Neck

Back posture and neck pain may occur after sitting idly for long periods of time. Most the time, the seats that you travel in aren’t designed well enough to add the neck and back support your body needs. As your neck gets strained, you will start to feel the side effects, which include loss of sleep, neck spasms and most likely chronic headaches.

There are ways to help prevent neck strain while traveling. While you are sitting in the car, make sure that you sit back into the seat and avoid slouching and use the head rest to your advantage. Keep your arms at a neutral position to keep your shoulders relaxed relieving a some of that tension from your shoulders to your neck.

Protect Your Back

If you find yourself twisting and turning to get comfortable as your traveling, you may actually be doing damage to your back when you do that. With each twist, is adding more strain on your back and tightening up the muscles around your spinal cord. Be mindful during your travels and protect your back the best you can to avoid discomfort in the future.

Some of the best advice we can give you is to simply sit up straight. As the drive your flight goes on, your back may tend to slouch, gradually creating a curve to your back. Sit up straight, with you legs in a neutral position.

Finally, stop often to stretch. I know that you are eager to get to your destination, but it’s important to stop frequently and stretch. Get out of the car or stand up in the airplane to move your legs around.

Find Relief

If you do find yourself having chronic back or neck pain, talk to the professionals and Spring Creek Medical to help you find relief. We have many options for treatment including spinal realignment, massage therapy, and other treatments to help chronic migraines. We will get you in tip-top shape for your next adventure. Call today to learn more.

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