The Importance Of Post-Surgery Rehabilitation To Promote Healing

Feb 29, 2020 | General Health, Physical Therapy

While there are often alternatives to major surgery, many injuries and illnesses require it as a necessary solution. 


Spring Creek Medical Center provides a variety of non-invasive options like chiropractic care, knee pain treatment, and more. However, if surgery is needed for your specific condition, we can support you with treatment and post-surgical rehabilitation


In fact, physical therapy after surgery can significantly improve the recovery and healing process. Here’s how. 


What Is The Purpose Of Post-Operative Rehabilitation?


Immediately following surgery, the body is given time to start healing by being immobilized until swelling subsides and the initial pain decreases. After this phase, patients typically start working with a physical therapist. 


A personalized plan is developed for the patient with specific goals and progressive exercises. The purpose is to help the body regain strength and help restore stability and range of motion. Over time, the patient should return to their routine level of activity prior to surgery. 


The Benefits Of Post-Surgery Rehabilitation 


Having a personalized plan for physical therapy can help the body heal properly by minimizing scar tissue, strengthening the muscles, and restoring joint mobility and function. Physical therapy has also proven to lead to faster recovery times for patients—especially when diving in as soon as possible after surgery. 


Procedures like surgery for hip or knee pain require physical therapy to regain mobility. Patients who undergo these types of surgeries often see excellent results. 


Post-surgery rehabilitation can also help improve circulation and prevent blood clots, reduce the risk for postoperative pulmonary complications (PCCs), prevent injury as a result of poor balance, posture, or coordination, and reduce the risk of reliance on opiods for pain management.


Physical therapists also help patients become actively involved in their recovery, experience better results, and continue lifelong healthy habits.


Post-Surgery Rehabilitation In Logan, Utah


While each individual condition and recovery time are unique, postoperative rehabilitation has proven to be worth it for many patients. Some may fully recover in a matter of weeks, while for others, it may take a year or more. Whatever your timeframe, Spring Creek Medical Center will be there every step of the way. 


Contact Spring Creek Medical Center to learn more about post-surgery rehabilitation in Logan, Utah.

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