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How do Chiropractic Treatments in Providence, UT, Work?

Chiropractic adjustments in Providence, UT, are a manual manipulation of the spine and other joints in the body. This type of therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more. A chiropractic adjustment is considered a safe and effective treatment option for many people.

The goal of Spring Creek Medical Center chiropractic services is to improve joint function and reduce pain. This type of therapy can be an effective treatment option for many different conditions. If you are considering this type of treatment, Call and talk to a specialist at Spring Creek Medical Center today.

Understanding the Chiropractic Process

Proper alignment of the body enables the body to function better. It also helps the body heal without surgery or medication.

Chiropractic medicine has scientifically proven benefits. It all starts with a basic understanding of the human nervous system, which is the control center of the body. The brain controls everything by sending nerve impulses through the spinal cord.

The spinal column protects the spinal cord and is made up of several bones that are called vertebrae. Each vertebra is separated by flexible discs and nerves extend between each one to transfer messages throughout the body. When the spine is perfectly aligned, nerves can send messages without interference.


neck adjustment during a chiropractic treatment

Friendly and capable doctor and staff here. I get chiropractic care here, and also has excellent physical therapy on my knees. Really great place.

David S.

chiropractic treatment with patient laying down
10 Signs that you should put down the ice pack and make an appointment with our chiropractor:


  1. Chronic back pain
  2. Joint or muscle pain
  3. Headaches
  4. You often sit for long periods of time
  5. The soles of your shoes wear out unevenly
  6. You’re an active person
  7. You want to live a more health conscious life
  8. Sharp shooting pain in your legs
  9. Limited range of motion
  10. Recently involved in an accident

How Could My Back Get Out of Alignment?

Vertebrae Can Pull Out of Alignment After an Accident, During Birth, with Poor Posture, or with Stress and Tension.

Chiropractic adjustments are safe, effective, and gentle. They are a natural way to improve your health without the use of drugs or surgery. Chiropractic care is suitable for all ages, from infants to seniors. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, chiropractic care may be right for you.

Schedule a consultation with Spring Creek Medical Center today to see if chiropractic care can help you achieve optimum health.

I have been receiving treatment from Spring Creek Medical Center for about a month. I have received chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy. Each service is performed in a professional manner and I feel so much better than I did at the beginning of my treatment. They have made it a priority to fix my back as opposed to a crack here and there with no specific plan which I have experienced from other chiropractors. I highly recommend this office and the staff.

Katelyn Y.

Should I Visit a Chiropractor in Providence, UT?

Our chiropractor in Providence, UT helps by putting your vertebrae back into position. First, the misaligned vertebrae is located with a digital X-ray. Then, they use their hands to adjust the vertebrae back into place. The chiropractor limits the amount of force to the neck or back to ensure a gentle adjustment.

Chiropractic care is a conservative alternative for pain management and can be used alongside conventional treatment. Most patients start treatment with a couple of visits per week. Once the patient has recovered, our chiropractor recommends a periodic visit to help with preventative or maintenance care.


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