Promote quicker and more efficient healing with durable medical equipment in Logan UT

What is Durable Medical Equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is a device or brace prescribed to a patient when necessary to help them recover more quickly and efficiently. Most of the healing process during recovery takes place at home on your own time. Time (and being careful) is most often what it takes to heal from an injury or ailment.

To assist in your healing at home and while you rest, medical devices can drastically improve and speed up your healing time.  Some of the durable medical equipment we prescribe includes lumbar support braces, ankle braces, knee braces, cervical traction devices, and crutches.

Spring Creek Medical Center offers all types of durable medical equipment. Our specialty is pain management and rehabilitation. By offering this service it allows for optimal care and recovery. DME’s will be prescribed by the doctor if medically necessary to help in the patient’s recovery.

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