Knee pain treatment with Spring Creek Medical Center in Logan, UT

Knee Pain Treatment Options in Logan and Providence

Our team of specialists is here to help you get back to your life, free from pain. We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes everything from physical therapy to chiropractic treatments. If you’re ready to put your knee pain behind you, call us today and schedule a consultation. Check out our free brochure for more information on how Spring Creek Medical Center can treat your knee pain!

If you have Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee, you are not alone. OA is the most common form of arthritis, affecting more than 32 million Americans. It occurs when the smooth cartilage that covers the ends of bones deteriorates and the underlying bone rubs together. This can cause pain, and stiffness, and cause you to stop doing what you love. Don’t let OA stop you from anything you want to do. Call Spring Creek Medical Center and schedule your next treatment session.

Our Unique Approach

We help you get active by being directly involved in your knee therapy regimen. We educate and encourage your success with physical therapy exercises that are important in osteoarthritis management. Treatment tends to include strengthening exercises—because strong muscles help support and protect joints affected by arthritis. Additionally, aerobic conditioning improves cardiovascular fitness, helps control weight, and improve overall function. Range-of-Motion Therapy helps reduce stiffness and increases proper knee joint movement and flexibility. Balance/Agility Therapy also helps you strengthen your core muscles and return you to the activities you miss.

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How can Spring Creek Medical Center Help me?

Our accredited physicians and physical therapists have developed a specific and proven treatment program for greater success and better insurance reimbursements. This includes injections guided by a real-time x-ray (fluoroscopy) to make sure it’s injected properly with minimal pain and maximal injection accuracy. We are board-certified physicians and therapists dedicated to treating many musculoskeletal conditions with an emphasis on treatment for Osteoarthritis of the knee.

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