12 Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone In Men

Oct 31, 2019 | Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Testosterone is a hormone produced in both the male and female body. In men, it’s produced in the testicles and affects several different physical features and functions. Testosterone in men stimulates sex drive, sperm production, and the development of muscle and bone mass. It also triggers hair growth, the voice to deepen, and other male features.


Testosterone levels are low when you have less than 300 nanograms per deciliter of blood. So what happens when a man has low testosterone? Is it common among aging men? Does it also occur in younger men? In reality, two out of 10 men over 60 have low testosterone and so do three out of 10 men over the age of 70.


There are several different signs, symptoms, and conditions associated with low testosterone. Below are a few of the main symptoms to watch out for. 


1 – Low Libido

Men with low levels of testosterone often experience reduced sex drive. While it isn’t totally uncommon for aging men to see a decrease in their sex drive, extremely low testosterone also causes a drastic reduction in libido.


2 – Hair Loss 

Hair loss is a natural part of aging. However, low testosterone can make it much more extreme. Testosterone aids in hair productions so low levels can lead to excessive balding on the head. It can also decrease facial and body hair as well.


3 – Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone stimulates the brain to produce nitric oxide—a molecule that triggers the chemical reactions necessary for an erection. Low testosterone can make it difficult for men to maintain or achieve an erection. 


There are other common factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Some include thyroid issues, smoking, stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, high blood pressure, and diabetes. However, low testosterone is another common cause for erectile dysfunction. 


4 – Decreased Volume of Semen

Semen aids in the mobility of sperm and makes up the majority of liquid that men ejaculate. Since testosterone helps stimulate semen production, men with lower levels may experience a decrease in volume. This can also create potential problems with fertility. 


5 – Smaller Testicle Size 

When a man has low testosterone levels, the scrotum may be noticeably softer. A decrease in testicle size that isn’t associated with cooler temperatures is also a common symptom.


6 – Fatigue and/or Changes In Sleep Patterns

Decreased energy, trouble sleeping, and even sleep apnea have been associated with low testosterone.


7 – Decrease In Bone Mass

Testosterone is also involved in the production and strengthening of bones. Older men are especially vulnerable to bone loss and fractures associated with low testosterone. 


8 – Decrease In Muscle Mass

Since testosterone plays such a significant role in building muscle, low levels can cause a significant loss of muscle mass. However, the good news is that low testosterone doesn’t necessarily affect muscle function or strength. 


9 – Increased Body Fat 

Low testosterone can also cause an increase in body fat. In more extreme cases, the development of gynecomastia, or enlargement of the breasts. 


10 – Changes In Mood

Low testosterone influences mood, mental capacity, and the ability to focus. It can even trigger depression and irritability. 


11 – Anemia

Recent studies have also found a link between low testosterone and low blood counts


12 – Impaired Memory

More evidence was found that showed how testosterone can affect memory and the ability to recall information.


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