In today’s world, the average person spends the majority of their day staring at a computer screen, cell phone, tablet, tv, or other electronic device. 


It’s no surprise then that we’re also seeing a rise in pain that’s been coined “tech neck.” This condition refers to the stiffness, soreness, tenderness, and even long-term injury that can result from bending your head too far down or forward in a position to look at an electronic device—often or for extended periods of time. 


Bottom line—we spend way too much time looking at screens. But given that in today’s digital world this isn’t necessarily unavoidable, what can be done for tech neck treatment in Logan, Utah


What Are The Risks Of Tech Neck?


Tech neck can trigger a variety of symptoms and conditions, like headaches, shoulder, neck, and upper back pain, loss of natural curve in the spine, and tingling or numbness in the extremities—particularly the hands and arms. And the more time one spends on an electronic device, the more severe the symptoms can be. 


Long-term, tech neck can also cause the muscles in the chest to shorten and the muscles in the neck to lengthen. This can lead to significant problems with spinal pressure on the neck and with posture


Symptoms Of Tech Neck


The first sign of tech neck is neck, shoulder, or back pain. You may also notice a curve in your spine at the base of the neck. 


Headaches, pain or tension in the upper back, jaw, or rotator cuff, and weak, tingling, or numb hands can also be tell-tale signs. 


How To Prevent And Treat Tech Neck


Most importantly, be mindful of your posture and try to correct it when you notice bad habits. Try to maintain a healthy sitting position, and limit the amount of time spent on electronic devices like cell phones. 


Hold or place your device at eye level so you’re looking straight at the screen instead of down or craning forward. Think of a string pulling your head up from the top, creating a straight line in your spine from the top to your tailbone. Roll your shoulders back to help straighten the spine and elongate the neck as well.


A standing desk is another helpful way to maintain good posture. Regular stretching like tucking your chin and ear to shoulder stretches can also make a difference. 


Tech Neck Treatment In Logan, Utah 


Spring Creek Medical Center is here to specialize a treatment plan to help you find lasting relief from tech neck. 


Schedule your appointment for tech neck treatment in Logan, Utah today.

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