When To See A Doctor For Your Hip Pain

Aug 6, 2020 | General Health, Hip Pain

Hip pain is actually a fairly common condition. Perhaps much more common than you might think given how difficult it can be to diagnose accurately. 


Each patient and each circumstance is different and there are many causes and symptoms associated with hip pain. But it’s important to involve the help of a medical professional who can provide a proper diagnosis and hip pain treatment when needed. 


Spring Creek Medical Center proudly offers various options for hip pain treatment in Logan, Utah that have proven to alleviate symptoms and even eliminate hip pain altogether for some patients. 


What Causes Hip Pain? 


To understand the best methods for treating hip pain, let’s start at the source by identifying some of its common causes. 


Keep in mind that while these are some of the most common sources of chronic hip pain, causes aren’t limited to just these examples. 


  • Arthritis in the hips
  • A condition called Trochanteric Bursitis that causes inflammation on the hip joint
  • Tendonitis around the hip joint or IT band
  • Lumbar pain in the spine and back
  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle strains around the hip or pelvis, like groin pulls or hamstring strains


Signs It’s Time To See A Doctor For Hip Pain


If you’re having trouble identifying what triggers your hip pain or you’re not sure what treatment to try, it’s best to talk to a doctor. It’s crucial for the cause of your pain to be properly diagnosed in order to find relief. 


If you’re experiencing any of the following hip pain symptoms, it’s best to seek medical attention. 


  • Swelling in the hips or thighs
  • Any signs of infection, like fever, redness, or warmth
  • Limited movement or flexibility in the hip
  • Difficulty walking
  • Deformity around the hip joint
  • Hip pain that persists more than a few days or while you’re resting 


Hip Pain Treatment In Logan, Utah 


In order for hip pain treatment to be effective, it’s important to receive a correct diagnosis first. Our team of experts at Spring Creek Medical Center are equipped to properly diagnose and treat various forms of hip pain. 


We’re ready and willing to help you experience long-lasting relief from debilitating hip pain and enjoy a happier, healthier life. 


Request an appointment for hip pain treatment in Logan, Utah today.

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